'Insomnia' Preset Pack for Adobe Lightroom

'Insomnia' Preset Pack for Adobe Lightroom

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3 stylized presets + 10 technical presets for nighttime imagery.

This preset pack is structured in a step-by-step workflow to simplify advanced editing & to help you find the best combination for each image.

This Preset pack contains:

  • ‘By Your Side’

  • ‘Wasted Summer’

  • ‘When The World Went Dark’

  • 3 White Balance Presets

  • 3 Exposure Adjustments to maximize detail

  • 3 Tone Curve adjustments

  • 3 Vignette strengths

  • 4 Optimized Noise Reduction settings

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lucancoutts - Insomnia Preset Pack for Adobe Lightroom

These are the presets that I use as a starting point for all of my nighttime imagery.

I want to note that this preset pack is NOT being marketed as a one-click solution to better images, and I use many post-processing tricks that cannot be bottled into a Lightroom preset.

The comparison images below are edited using only presets included in this pack; no further adjustments applied.

With that said; here is what’s included…


What’s Included


3 Stylized Presets + Technical Presets

Created in 2016 and tweaked over the course of three years.
These stylized presets lay the foundation to my imagery and are designed to dovetail with the technical presets.


Optimized Nighttime Imagery

I've noticed that many photographers (including pros) struggle with optimizing their luminance details.
I've developed exposure adjustments and noise reduction presets that find the best balance between brighter images & less noise.


How-To Guide

My imagery is very stylized, so these presets work best on specific types of photos.
I've included some notes on how to maximize the potential of these presets, as well as some tips + outside resources for mastering nighttime photography.

‘Wasted Summer’ Preset Preview

Swipe left to see which presets were used

These Presets WILL NOT:

  • be applicable to every type of image

  • be a one-click solution to better imagery

  • be a substitute for experiential learning

These Presets WILL:

  • allow for your creative flexibility

  • help you understand how I edit my photos

  • help you study the technicalities of nighttime editing

Base Preset: When The World Went Dark

Swipe left to see which presets were used

Base Preset: ‘By Your Side’

Swipe left to see which presets were used

Noise Reduction Preview

‘Strong Noise Reduction’ preset used (strength 3 of 4)

Here’s a bonus tutorial.

Only because you’ve made it this far <3

Many thanks to my good friend Chris Hau for helping me publish this.

I don’t refer to my Lightroom presets in this video, but I do share some of my favourite editing techniques, which is equally as useful.